Request a Presentation

The Bureau of Consumer Protection is committed to protecting Wisconsin consumers and businesses. Because the first line of defense against fraud is knowledge, we provide information on Wisconsin’s consumer laws and how to identify, stop and avoid fraud.

One way the Bureau of Consumer Protection educates consumers is by giving free presentations to the public through webinars and at workshops, conferences, and stand-alone events. The Bureau presents to a wide range of groups including business and professional organizations, law enforcement agencies, seniors, students, military members, and general consumers on the following topics:

  • General consumer protection

  • Current scams and frauds

  • Scams that target seniors

  • ID theft and privacy protection

  • Data breaches: best practices to safeguard information

  • Home improvement

  • Landlord/tenant issues

  • Telemarketing scams

  • Scams that target military members and their families

To schedule a Bureau of Consumer Protection presentation or to request educational material for a community event, contact DATCP’s Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-422-7128 or via email:  Provide details about your event such as date, time and location; the number of expected audience members; and what topic(s) you would like us to talk about?.

A member of the Consumer Protection Bureau will respond to your request within a week. 

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