Weights and Measures Service Companies and Technicians

Service Companies

Businesses that install, service, test or calibrate weights and measures are required under Wisconsin Administrative Code ATCP 92.20 to be licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. Licenses expire on December 31 of each year and are not transferable between persons or business locations.

Service Technicians

Individuals who are employed by a weights and measures service company and who provide testing, calibration, service or sealing to a weighing and measuring device, verify that the device is correct, or who remove an official rejection tag or mark applied under Wis. Admin. Code ATCP 92.09 (2), are required under Wis. Admin. Code ATCP 92.21 to have technician certification issued by DATCP.  Certification must be renewed every five years and includes:

  • Petroleum Loading Rack Meters

  • Railroad Track Scales

  • Retail Computing Scales (up to 300lb capacity)

  • Retail Motor Fuel/Liquid Measuring Devices

  • Timing Devices

  • Vehicle Scales (over 5,000lb capacity)

  • Vehicle Tank Meters

  For information on how to apply for License Fee Waiver under Act 209, see Veterans License Fee Waiver Program: 2011 Wisconsin Act 209.


Examination Requirements - Service Technician Certification

In order to be certified for a weights and measures device, you must first pass two exams (except Farm Milk Tank, which requires only the Farm Milk Tank exam). The first exam is based on the General Code provisions in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Handbook 44. The second exam is your chosen device certification, and is also based primarily on the material in Handbook 44. All the exams are open book tests.

Technicians are responsible for obtaining a current copy of Handbook 44 (updated annually), familiarizing themselves with it, and bringing it with them to the exam. To obtain Handbook 44:

Technician Certification with Minnesota

Wisconsin will register certified technicians who have passed exams from Minnesota within the past 5 years. Technicians need to complete and return the Service Company Technician Reciprocity Certification, including any proof of registration or a copy of test results from Minnesota.

Technicians who have not yet taken the exams but wish to operate in Minnesota can take the exams in Wisconsin. The state of Minnesota requires the administration of an exam based on their state law in addition to the exams on Handbook 44. Applicants will need to contact Minnesota prior to submitting a Service Company Technician Exam application to DATCP in order to obtain the necessary test preparation materials, as well as complete any of Minnesota’s service company registration requirements.

For questions on reciprocity, please contact:

Julie Quinn
Minnesota Department of Commerce

Service Company and Technician Laws


(608) 224-4942


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