Seed Labeling

?The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection licenses seed labelers. The labeling requirement helps assure that consumers receive good quality seed that germinates and does not contain weed seeds.

A seed labeler is any business or person whose name appears on a seed label, or who opens containers of agricultural, lawn or vegetable seed to sell all or part of it. Labels must include information about the percentages of different kinds of seeds in the package, germination, and treatment, inoculation or coating. Complete labeling requirements are listed in Wisconsin Administrative Code ATCP 20?.  

You do not need a seed label license if you sell:

  • Seed grown and sold on your own farm
  • Seed in unopened bags or containers labeled by a licensed seed labeler

Seed licenses are annual, effective January 1 through December 31. The cost is based on gross annual sales and ranges from $25 for sales less than $10,000 up to $2,500 for sales of $100 million or more. A complete fee schedule is available in Wisconsin Statute 94.43-46?

?Seed Labeler License Application

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