Importing or Moving Plant Pests and Biological Controls

????Importing plant pests and biological control agents into Wisconsin, or moving them within the state, requires a permit:

  • To bring these organisms into the state, you need a USDA Plant Protection and Quarantine permit, called PPQ 526?, with concurrence from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.
  • To move them within the state and release them into the environment, you need a Wisconsin Permit 414, parts I and II.

The person receiving the organisms in Wisconsin is responsible for obtaining the permit. In some cases, a facility inspection may be necessary before we issue the permit. If the organisms have not been approved for release previously, a risk assessment will be necessary. The average time for the USDA to issue a permit is 80 days if you submit your application on paper, or 50 if you submit your application electronically.

PPQ 526

Printable paper application for mailing

Online application

Wisconsin 414 Permit

Part I printable paper application for mailing

Part I fillable paper application for emailing

Part II printable paper application for mailing

Part II fillable application for emailing


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