Plant Industry Bureau

?????The Bureau of Plant Industry monitors for plant pests and undertakes control or eradication programs for regulated pests – those that have economic significance for the state's agriculture, nursery business and forests. This includes gypsy moths and emerald ash borers. Control and eradication may include restrictions on movement of plant material within or into the state. The Bureau also licenses nursery growers, nursery dealers, and Christmas tree growers, and certifies plants and plant material as pest-free to allow in-state, interstate and international exports.  This includes firewood certification.

We house the state apiary program, which regulates and assists Wisconsin's beekeeping industry, and the state Plant Industry Laboratory, which diagnoses pest and disease issues. We also house the hemp growing and processing program.

Plant Industry staff work closely with partners at the Department of Natural Resources, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, USDA Forest Service, University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Wisconsin-Extension.

Beekeeping and Pollinators 


Industrial Hemp

Nurseries and Christmas Trees 

Pests and Diseases? 

Seed Labeling, Certification and Treated Seed? ?

Shipping Plant Material ?

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