Livestock Facility Siting

???????????Under Wisconsin's livestock facility siting law, local governments do not have to require permits for new or expanding livestock operations. However, if they choose to require conditional use or other permits for such operations, the livestock siting law sets standards and procedures that they must use. It does not affect other local ordinances such as shoreland and floodplain zoning. The law limits exclusion of livestock facilities from agricultural zones. The Livestock Siting Review Board hears appeals of local decisions from applicants or neighboring landowners.

The standards address:

  • Property line and road setbacks
  • Management and training plans
  • Odor management
  • Nutrient management
  • Manure storage facilities
  • Runoff management

Local governments requiring permits must use application worksheets provided here to determine if proposed facilities meet these standards. The Livestock Siting Review Board hears appeals concerning permit decisions. 

Further Information

Local implementation 

Livestock Siting Review Board

Technical Expert Committee?


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