Lawn Care Services

?????????If you are doing lawn care for hire, no matter how informally, you may fall under licensing requirements.

Pesticide Certification and Licensing

Anyone who applies pesticides for hire must:

  • Be certified and licensed as a pesticide applicator?
  • Hold a pesticide business location license
  • Meet all notification and posting requirements for treated properties

Note that you must be licensed even if the products you are applying can be purchased by anyone in a garden center or other retail store, and even if they are "natural" products such as corn gluten meal. 

The license requirement is triggered by the label claim that a product kills, controls or prevents some type of pest (including weeds), and by the fact that you receive money for applying the product. 

Notification requirements include the customer and people who have registered on the landscape pesticide registry to be notified about pesticide applications near their homes. ??

Fertilizer Licensing

If you mix fertilizer ingredients together or with water or other materials, you are considered a fertilizer manufacturer and you need a license. Read more:

Fertilizer? requirements for lawn care firms?

Videos for Lawn Care Businesses and Consumers

?Watch a video about requirements
for lawn care services:
Watch a video about how
to choose a lawn care service:?
?Link to video about requirements for lawn care businesses? Link to video about choosing a lawn care service?

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