Bureau of Agrichemical Management

????The Bureau of Agrichemical Management oversees regulation of pesticides; fertilizers, soil additives, and lime; and animal feeds, including pet food.

The Bureau's pesticides responsibility includes certifying and licensing pesticide applicators; licensing businesses that manufacture, sell or apply pesticides; operating the Landscape Pesticide Notification Registry; administering agrichemical storage and spill laws; funding some Clean Sweep hazardous waste and prescription drug collections; and enforcing the Worker Protection Standard and other pesticide, feed and fertilizer laws.

Its fertilizer responsibilities include licensing the manufacture and distribution of fertilizers; distribution of soil and plant additives and lime; and regulation of fertilizer labeling.

Feed authority includes licensing manufacture, labeling and distribution of livestock feed and pet food; and issuing certificates of free sale for feed exports. 

Clean Sweep


Feed Licensing

Fertilizer, Soil and Plant Additive, and Lime Licensing

Fertilizer Products

Integrated Pest Management in Public Schools

Landscape Pesticide Registry

Lawn Care Services

Pesticide Certification and Licensing?

Pesticide Products

Pesticide and Fertilizer Spills

Pesticide Fertilizer Storage

Worker Protection Standard

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