Soil and Plant Additives

???Soil and plant additives are substances applied to seed, soil or plants that claim to improve plant growth, crop yield or quality, or soil properties.  To distribute soil and plant additives in Wisconsin, you:

  • Need a Soil and Plant Additive License, renewable annually and valid April 1-March 31. Beginning in 2018, the license period will be changed to October 1-September 30. Licenses issued April 1, 2017, will be extended to September 30, 2018.
  • Need product permits for each brand name and formulation, valid until you change the label or formulation 
  • Must submit an annual tonnage report and pay tonnage fees of 45 cents per ton on products distributed in Wisconsin
  • May also need a fertilizer dealer license if you distribute products that also make plant nutrient claims

The license is $25 a year. Permits are $100 per product, a one-time charge.

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