Reciprocal Applicator Licenses

???????If you are certified as a pesticide applicator in a different state, you may receive a reciprocal certification and license that allows you to apply pesticides as a commercial or private applicator without taking a Wisconsin exam if you:

  • Are a resident of the state where you are certified
  • Are certified in a category equivalent to a Wisconsin category
  • Have passed a closed-book exam in the past 5 years with a 70 percent score or higher
  • Are able to apply restricted-use pesticides
  • Don't have any conditions or restrictions on your certification in your home state
  • Are employed by a business holding an active Wisconsin pesticide application business license, if you are applying as a for-hire commercial applicator.

Licenses are good for 1 year, January 1-December 31, and cost $115 ($75 for certification and $40 for license)

If you do not qualify for a reciprocal certification and license, you may complete the process for Wisconsin certification and licensing.

You can apply for a license online, or download a paper application. Links to either method are available at right. If you apply online, note that there are separate links for different situations -- if you are working for hire, not for hire, or for a government agency.

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