Manufacturing, Labeling and Distributing Pesticide Products in Wisconsin

Pesticide products distributed in Wisconsin must:

  • Be registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or have a FIFRA Section 25(b) exemption
  • Have a Wisconsin Pesticide Manufacturer and Labeler license (this registers the product for Wisconsin distribution)

This applies even if the products:

  • Are "over-the-counter" products that anyone can buy and apply
  • "Natural" products, if they make label claims to kill, control or prevent pests, including weeds (although there may be no fee if they are Section 25(b) exempt products)

The person or firm whose name is shown on the product label is responsible for submitting a complete license application at least 15 days before distributing the product in Wisconsin. The application must include a list of all products to be distributed (registered) in Wisconsin. You may renew your license online using the link at right. New applications must be submitted using the fillable MS Word documents, also available at right.

Beginning January 1, 2018, the fee to register any pesticide product in Wisconsin will be a flat $500/year, except for Section 25(b) exempt products. There will be no fee to register these products. However, if our inspectors find unregistered 25(b) products for sale, there will be a $250 penalty. 

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