Rural Electric Power Services

Energy Management, Farm Rewiring, Stray Voltage and Related Services

About Us?
Since 1987, REPS has been a jointly managed service program with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission as defined and authorized by State Statute 93.41 and 196.857.
Farm Rewiring: Safe, Efficient and Modern
Farm rewiring is supported technically and financially by various state and electric utility and electric cooperative programs and standards. The REPS program ensures the farmer’s interest is covered in the various efforts.
Energy project financial assistance is varied and complex. The REPS staff has no funds, but does provide guidance to the various opportunities that exist. The REPS program also includes information about Farm Rewiring Certification Classes which are offered throughout the state by several different entities.

Electric Utilities and Electric Cooperatives Cost-Sharing Program
Wisconsin electric utilities and electric cooperatives cost sharing programs are fairly similar in design, but differ in the specific amounts available for each aspect of the farmstead rewiring program. Each program has some grant money available to have the farmstead assessed and a rewiring plan developed. After a plan is reviewed and accepted, the cost-share program has low-interest loans to cover some or all of the projects cost. ALL of the programs require the work be inspected and done by a certified electrician.

Stray Voltage and Power Quality Issues
Stray voltage and power quality issues can be difficult to resolve. Visit the REPS program stray voltage page for more information on the FREE assistance available to livestock farmers.

Energy and Agriculture
Energy and agriculture is a growing topic of interest to farmers and agricultural product producers as they are both consumer and potential producer of energy. Additionally since agricultural products and practices have the potential to sequestering carbon, the new value-added possibility for agriculture as a control of climate changing gases has gained interest. REPS’ staff helps find and share pertinent information related to farmers and related businesses with their questions.

Utility Disconnects or Service Disputes
The PSC consumer affairs department [(800) 225-7729] has staff that deals with residential customer complaints on payment agreements or services provided by your utility. However, in some cases, farm customers are a more complex case involving a combination of residential and business client contract relations. IF a farm customer has not had success with resolving a payment or service dispute with their power service provider, the Farm Center staff can in some cases assist sorting out the options that might be available to avoid a service disconnect or other service dispute.

Call (800) 942-2474 for assistance from the Farm Center REPS team.

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