International Agribusiness Center Videos

Growing Wisconsin

The Wisconsin International Agribusiness Center commissioned these short videos to give viewers a short explanation of the diversity of Wisconsin's agricultural products. The five-minute educational videos are great for international viewers or Wisconsin students and consumers of all ages. Request a copy of the video (.mov file) by emailing Ashwini Rao at ashwini.rao@wisconsin.g??ov?.
In 2014, the Wisconsin International Agribusiness Center commissioned a video to educate consumers about Wisconsin's vibrant lumber industry. The video is available in English and Chinese. 

Trade Mission to Heilongjiang, China

In April 2015, the Wisconsin International Agribusiness Center led a group of Wisconsin farmers and agribusinesses on a trade mission to Harbin, Heilongjiang, China. The group attended and exhibited at the China World Dairy Expo, toured Chinese agribusinesses and met with government officials. Watch a video here?.  ?

Introduction to Exporting

In October 2016, the International Trade Administration published a set of three short videos that give you an excellent introduction to how to begin exporting.  

This video outlines the important steps companies must take in order to begin exporting overseas. Learn how to become export-ready with this overview of the US export process by watching the video, and visit Export.Gov for more information about the US export process. 

This video outlines the steps necessary for your US business to begin exporting. A successful US exporter must make necessary commitments of time and money, have realistic expectations about the timing of return on investment, and create a detailed export business plan. Get export ready by watching Export.Gov’s video to learn how to prepare your company to export.

This video highlights the importance of a well thought out export plan and how it can make the difference between generating a few international sales and achieving real business growth. Components of an export plan include determining your potential markets, identifying your potential customers, pricing your product for sale abroad, financing your exports, and identifying the necessary resources. Watch the video to learn how to create an exporting business plan, and visit Export.Gov for more information about US exporting.


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