Wisconsin Farm Center

?????About the Farm Center

The Wisconsin Farm Center provides information and support to farmers and their families in order to help grow Wisconsin’s agricultural economy. The Center partners with industry groups, government and educational entities, and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector.

Farmers and small agribusiness owners can reach the Farm Center through the toll-free line at 1-800-942-2474, or stop in on the Fourth Floor of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection office building at 2811 Agriculture Dr., Madison. Office hours and the toll free are available from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., weekdays. You can also contact the Farm Center by email at farmcenter@wisconsin.gov

Core programs

Financial Planning: Farm Center staff consultants help Wisconsin farmers deal with the critical economic, business and social needs of farm families. Services include financial and business consultation including cash flow analysis, farm feasibility or debt analysis, creating a business plan, and farm succession planning.

Mediation and Arbitration: This program provides mediation services for farmer disputes ranging from credit issues to environmental concerns to farm family conflicts. Mediation involves a neutral individual who helps facilitate negotiation and understanding between conflicting parties.

Farmer Outreach: Designed to provide resources and risk management assistance to beginning farmers including women, veterans and minorities to increase sustainability and profitability, assisting all farmers facing production or marketing challenges and opportunities.

Veteran Farmer Assistance and Outreach Program: Through this program, Wisconsin military veterans interested in learning about how to become involved in farming and agriculture can access resources, market development, branding and technical expertise. Program members can also utilize a special logo for their agricultural products.

Herd-based Diagnostic Program: This program provides veterinary diagnostic support to help address herd-health and production concerns. The program, available to Wisconsin dairy herds of all sizes and management types, addresses production, milk quality, cow loss, and other concerns.

Technical Assistance

Almost every change you make on the farm will need technical assistance, and the Farm Center staff can give you general information as well as link you to those people who can provide specific technical assistance.

Organics, Livestock Grazing and Specialty Crops: This program provides information and technical assistance to organic growers and processors. In addition, this program works to strengthen farm support services and processing capacity, along with a host of other services.

Hiring A Farm Consultant

Tips for hiring a farm consultant, including a list of questions to ask a prospective consultant.

Farm Transfers

Information for farmers looking to start or expand their own operation, relocated to a new location, or transition into retirement.

Wisconsin Farm Center Contact Information

Find Farm Center individuals who can assist you by answering your questions and guiding you in the right direction.


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