?DATCP History

Summary of DATCP Programs

2017 - 2019 Biennial Report?

??????Although we're organized into distinct divisions, we'?re working together as one agency for a healthy environment, a healthy food supply and healthy business practices.? 

Organization Chart

Agricultural Resource Management??

Sara Walling - Administrator

Protects the state's environmental resources and human health

?Animal Health??

  Darlene Konkle, D.V.M. - State Veterinarian and Administrator

  Protects the health of the state's farm animals - a multi-billion dollar industry

Food and Recreational Safety??

 Steven Ingham, Ph.D. - Administrator

 Protects the purity of the state's food supply, from farm gate to dinner plate

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Agricultural Development??

Krista Knigge 

 Krista Knigge - Administrator

 Promotes Wisconsin products at home and abroad and provides assistance to farmers

Trade and Consumer Protection??

 Lara Sutherlin - Administrator

 Enforces consumer protection laws and has authority to regulate business practices

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Management Services??

Kelly Smithback

  Kelly Smithback - Administrator

  Supports the department's personnel, finance, budget, technology and laboratory needs

Office of the Secretary??



 Directs the department, working closely with the Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection board and the Governor's office?